News URL Error?


I've pretty much finished developing my first website using zenphoto. And thanks to all involved in the project. I think its great.

I'm using the latest released build with a custom theme based on zenpage with a menu I hardcoded as I was having teething problems with the on-board menu options.

I think I grabbed the News URL from the custom menu I had:-

And this works fine when I browse the site.

But when I run a link check this link results in an undefined browser error (500).

Is this the correct url for news?

My URL is



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    That is the correct link to the news main page. It is relative though and the browser will add the domain stuff automatically.

    If you are building a custom link there are functions for the link available. Please see the documentation.
  • Thanks acrylian for your prompt response.

    I've fixed the problem - nothing to do with the URL at all but a PHP error that I introduced. It meant the page was not displaying completely and hence couldn't be crawled correctly.

    Hopefully that pretty much wraps up my first zenphoto site. :)

    Thanks again.
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