Ever since the last two updates, our gallery has been running excruciatingly slow. It often takes up to 20 seconds for the server to spew out its first byte. Any ideas?



  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
    Your site seems to generally take some time to load every now and then.

    Try a standard theme as it might be related to your custom theme and inclusion. My browser tells me quite some javascript errors undefined ones and some "failed to load resource" ones. Apparently they are related to the boostrap framework you are using for your theme. Those are for sure not part of a standard Zenphoto theme or install. So you should look into these and possibly other errors.
  • Hi,

    The theme is based on zpBootstrap and I tried the default one as well, all with the same problem. I will switch to the default to illustrate it.

    Unfortunately the javascript errors are generated by Bootstrap itself.
  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
    You should look into your server error logs if something is there. Hard to say anything specific to this.
  • Sorry to have posted with this problem because it turns out to have been a hosting problem. My provider has fixed it now.

    Thanks for looking at it though!!!
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