Implementing Lightbox JS

Lokesh Dhakar has come up with a neat new way to display images on top of the current page. Check out the demo:

Seems like it could be a neat idea for a plugin or optional feature and a fairly easy one to implement too!


  • I was looking at this also, I think it is a great way to do things, offten all the person wants to do is zoom in on the image, I would like to see this applied with the slider controll so that you can zoom in on an image in the lightbox.
  • Wow! That is awesome. This technique would be totally useful.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Very very (very) easy to put into a theme. Someone with PHP knowledge could easly do this. It's not something I'm going to integrate into the core application.
  • Trisweb.. you are right.. this very very very easy..
    With that being said.. I made a theme that uses it.
    That being said.. I was correct in my thoughts that this would not be useful in the photo gallery itself because there is no navigation from within the lightbox.

    Here is the link to the info and the download

    Hope you all enjoy
  • This would be a great plugin for zenphoto...

    Well as soon as a plugin directory is supported (like in WP)
  • Has anyone got this working with Zenphoto?

    There is meant to be a lightbox demo at but it's doesn't seem to be there anymore.

    Have just been asked to add this feature to a new site I'm building so any info much appreciated :-)
  • 3stripe, chilli does still have this up. please reference:
  • hey thanks,

    what i was meaning... is there a demo of it in action somewhere???
  • because that is my beta site where I test things.. I constantly change things.. I have changed the theme back to the lightbox for you to look at.
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