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I just setup the latest version ( of ZenPhoto on my website and the setup script went well. Everything seems to have been created perfectly. I installed a perfectly standard version of ZP. No 3rd party tool involved, no extra piece of code.
However I'm now blocked because of a strange issue related to password-protection.

Let me know if I'm wrong: as I understand it when reading the various guides, there should be a simple option in the Options>Gallery page, which allows to password protect the gallery. This would allow a guest user (not listed in the users list) to access the gallery simply by typing the password (no username).
Same thing for a given album: there's an option 'Album password' which allows to set a specific guest password for the album. All this seems very straightforward.

Now - I just don't have these options in my pages. No 'Gallery password' option, no 'Album password' field (or any link opening a hidden div with 'password' fields).
I tried several options related to the gallery security (public / private / restricted). I went through multiple guides / tutorials / screencasts but did not find anything.

Note that I also tried to install an older version of ZP (i randomly chose v1.2 in the archives). With this version, I can see the 'Gallery password' and 'Album password' fields!!

So with the v1.4.3.4 I must have missed a setting somewhere. Where is this option now located??
Or there's a change in the recent versions - perhaps the users/guest management was changed and it's supposed to be managed in a different way now?

Can anyone please help? Thanks a lot!


  • acrylian Administrator
    For me there is Options > gallery > Gallery password right below the gallery description and gallery type option. Also every album has an "album password" option right below the album description field. Both are hidden and you have to click on the link to show the form.
  • Yes. This is what I see on my v1.2 instance.
    On the new one - nothing at all. There's no link. I can post a snapshot if needed but it won't add much information ^^

    on v1.2 the fields in the Options>Gallery are:
    - Gallery Title: text field
    - Gallery Description: RTfield
    - Gallery password (on grey background) = the link to show the form
    - Unprotected pages: checkboxes
    and so on...

    on v1.4.3.4:
    - Gallery Title: text field
    - Gallery Description: RTfield
    - Gallery Type: radio button (public/private/restrcited)
    - Unprotected pages: checkboxes
    and so on...

    Thanks for this first answer anyway. Next step i'll try to find something in the code (quick look at the html code in the page : no hidden div)
  • acrylian Administrator
    That's weird. Maybe try another browser?
  • Nope. Tried IE, FF and Chrome.
    But it's not browser-related as there's nothing in the HTML source related to this password protection option.
    Must be something sent by the server.

    Very frustrating kind of issue. I feel like i'm really dumb.

    I remember having read in some guide (i can't find it again) something about the option 'Gallery behavior'. I noticed that the options I see were not the ones listed in the guide.
    Here are the options I see:
    - Publish albums by default
    - Publish images by default
    - use latest image date as album date
    - visual thumb selection
    - show subalbum thumbs
    - enable gallery sessions
    - cookie duration
    (each one with a 'Details' link on the right to give more info)
  • acrylian Administrator
    I have no idea. This is how it should look like:
    Specifially took a look with the install and this demo one. I don't think any special other option is needed to see this.
  • Ok. I understand well how it should look like.
    My gallery looks like :
    Perhaps someone else will have an better idea.
    When i have some time i'll go try to understand in the code how the page is build, maybe i'll find some variable which can explain my problem.
  • Oh my !
    The damned 'Gallery password' link just appeared - and the Album password is now there also. Can't believe it.

    Seems that there was a glitch with the 'onchange()' on the Gallery Type field. Now when I change from 'Restricted' or 'Private' to 'Public', the 'Password Galery' option appears.
    Previously nothing happened when i played with that 'gallery type' field.

    Seems that it's solved, then.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Ok, good. Maybe one of these funny browser cache issues.
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