Gallery browsing via link token authentication

Searched for this but nothing came up..

I know albums can be

- public (published)
- private (unpublished)
- registered (logged in users only)
- semi-registered (guest login/pass)

Can we also add an access mechanism similar to picasaweb and flickr where you can generate secret / token based links which allow access to albums?

This would remove the need for be to protect albums by logins and passwords.. and if we take it a step further, we can make it so that if someone goes to the gallery with that token, you can have a specific set of albums that show, which are filtered in by that token.

Additional small critical features for token based browsing would be

1. nick naming of tokens
2. cloning of tokens (unique id generated by retains the albums shown by it
3. expiration date of tokens

What do you guys think? Perhaps one avenue to explore is mapping a guest user to a token and when someone browses the gallery, they are effectively logging in as that user.
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