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As a newbie to Zenphoto I wanted to introduce myself briefly, and then ask a first question.

Living in Adelaide, South Australia, I have been a freelance web developer since the late 1990s, but currently work as researcher with an Aboriginal language program here in Adelaide.

Thanks to all of you who developed Zenphoto - I have been looking for such a program for quite some time.

My first question is probably rather simple, but I can't find a solution:

I am trying to adapt some of the css features of the zpskeleton theme but can not find where to change the <p> settings -- to a smaller font for the album description (http://grweb.org/photogallery/201210-kangaroo-island-south-australia/cape-jervis-to-kangaroo-island/?locale=en_US).

Thanks for your advise.


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    It's indeed a bit difficult because of all the !important statements in style.css

    This should work:
    In `album.php` change line 11 from

    <?php printAlbumDesc(true); ?>

    <?php printAlbumDesc(true); ?>
    (the <p> tag is already generated by the printAlbumDesc(true) function)

    Then in css/style.css add this line:
    `div.yourclassname p{font-size: 14px !important;}`

    Fill in your own classname and font size.

    I'm sure it can be done in a more proper manner but I'll leave that to you ;-)
  • Thanks for the quick response, I'll give it a try!
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The theme (3rd party btw) uses the skeleton framework and as as such it consists of three css files. The "!important" is indeed needed for most things as you otherwise cannot overwrite the defaults of the framework.
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