Thumbnails for Videos?

Does zenphoto create thumbnails for videos?

I uploaded the video via ftp. It plays fine, but the thumbnail is the default image of a "movie reel". How do i get ZP to generate thumbnails of the videos?


  • You have to create a .jpg file of the same name.
  • Thank you sbillard. That did the trick. :) Much appreciated.
  • Any plans to have automatic generation of video thumbnails? Menalto Gallery does this using ffmpeg. It generates a default thumbnail from the first frame of the video. If you don't like using the first frame, you can set a time offset to be the thumbnail. For example, you can set the thumbnail to be the frame 13.5 seconds into the video.
  • Oops, just saw the feature poll on the news page for automatic generation of video thumbs. It's got the 4th highest number of votes so hopefully it won't be too long before it's implemented.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The problem with the php ffmeg is as far as I know from their site that it's an modul to php itself that needs to be installed on your server. That is a real problem because that this is something most shared hosts either do not have preinstalled or do not allow to install by users. Not to mention that many users will hardly be able or want to install a php modul themselves!
  • Indeed. I definitely ran into issues installing and getting ffmpeg to work properly for my Menalto Gallery install. It was, shall we say, a not so user-friendly experience. A hassle-free approach for this functionality would be a most welcome improvement!

    Will the video thumbnail solution for Zenphoto have a time offset feature?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    We still do not know how to do that feature, it's on hte poll to see if there is any demand like we do it with all features, since we don't have unlimited resources...:-) I searched and could not find anything else than php-ffmpeg, so I or better we can't say anything about specific features or when or how we will do this, if we manage it.

    For the time being you'll have to create it manually like described above.
  • the default image is named "i"
    if we create a new jpg with that name, won't all the thunbnails in that album of videos turn into that freeze frame?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    There is no default image that is named "i". You have to upload one image for each video/audio if you want to have video thumbnails. You could however place an image named `multimediaDefault.png` in an `images` folder within your theme's folder to be used as a general video thumbnail.
  • Sorry about that. i dragged that image onto my desktop and it was named "i" so i know how that goes.
    but i did find the multimediaDefault.png shortly after that.
    i have images for each video. how do i make them the thumbnail. i upped to the nightly version. is it easier to do it in the nightly version?

  • Hey,

    sorry again for the annoyance.
    i took your advice from my other post and looked at the guide on the site. read about making a thumbnail image for the videofiles..i did it, i have a folder full of working flv files and small jpg with the same name in the same folder. still i got bubkes.

    any thoughts on what i'm doing wrong?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Not really, actually just placing a image with the same name for each video should work and does work for me.
  • uhmmm.. darn.
    thanks, anyway. i appreciate it.
    i'll try and fiddle around with it.
  • hey,

    figured out my problem. the thumbnails were made too big. i resized them down to 100x100 and it works now.

  • and another thing...make sure that the extension for your jpg isn't capitalized. i had it as JPG and it didn't work until i renamed it lowercase, jpg.
  • Heres a help for those who dont want to spend hours doing this.
    1. Download FFMPEG.EXE from the sources at:
    2. Place it in the folder with all your videos in it.
    3. In the same dir, create a CMD file, called "createthumbs.cmd" or something.
    4. Edit it in notepad and place the following text in it:
    REM .....START
    @Echo Off
    FOR /f "tokens=* delims=" %%a in ('dir *.flv /b') do @ffmpeg -i "%%a" -an -ss 00:00:01 -an -r 1 -vframes 1 -y "%%~na.jpg"
    REM .....END
    (you do not enclose the lines stating 'start' and 'end'. There will be two lines, the second, longer may appear wrapped on this site)
    5. In your dos session, run the cmd file.
    6. All FLV videos will have a jpg created of the frame 1 second into your video.
    Hope this helps all the newbies!!
  • I have a video camera uploading to Zenphoto automatically via SFTP. All good, except there are no thumbnails on the videos (a much asked-for request since March 2008!) Given that I have to make them myself, is there a way to trigger an action to run my thumbnail creation script automatically when a new video is uploaded?

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