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This is the old showcase topic.


  • I'll add mitcho.com/blog (using ZenphotoPress) and mitcho.com/photos, which uses a custom theme with lightbox to fit right into my website.
  • I'll add

    Thank you for zenhphoto. Great!

    Kind regard
    Jürgen Gisselbrecht - Germany
  • http://www.wittener-pfadfinder.de/gallery/
    (something like german boyscouts)
    - zenphotopress 100% integrated into wordpress (posts, sites, nav and content)
    - 70% self made theme: I took the default theme and hacked till fit =)
    - some 'nice-to-have' thing added (social bookmarks, own zip-download, resized videos etc.) [still beta ...]
    - some videoclips (cool player!) with new video-clip thumbnail (feel free to use)
    - 'jump'-anchor in theme: 'next' button jumps do the #picture instead of page (-heads)
    - extendet simple spam-filter (working akismet plugin comming soon)
    - over 20g of pictures (!) in this gallery

    i *love* zppp :)
  • Here's my Site - its a showcase of my family photos though.


    Thanks a lot Zenphoto for the support.
  • acrylian, sorry about this, but could I send you a screenshot for my website? The one you have now was taken in Firefox or something, probably, which doesn't have correct inline-block support. The site looks much better in Safari. Thanks--

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Mitcho: The screenshot was indeed taken with Firefox (don't you think that you site should work in all main browsers....?). I have already corrected it with a Safari-screenshot.
  • Hey!

    Great software!! I needed a good gallery system for my website, so after some research I went with zenphoto. I modified it a bit to be a bit more basic then what zenphoto offers. I started with the default template and made it fit to my design.


    I hope you like it.
  • @acrylian Thanks. Oh, I know, I know, it ought to work with FireFox, but FireFox has been oddly really slow with the `inline-block`s (compared to Safari, Opera, Konquerer, who all have it), though it's coming in FF3. It at least doesn't look horrible in FireFox 2...

    I'm using a W3C standard, so sue me. ;p
  • And here is my install, http://t413.com/gallery/. I put a lot of time and effort into it and think zenphoto and the people behind it rock. 14,459 images over the past year taking up almost 50 gigs of space. Self designed and hosted here at my house.
  • timo and robcifre, your sites are up
  • Oh cool thanks!

    Have a happy new years!
  • I've been loving zenphoto for some time now. I need to update my theme to use the new stuff, but if you would like to include it in the showcase that would be sweet. Some day I'll clean up the theme and submit it too.
  • http://www.mikekey.com/photos/

    Using Slimbox, fully XHTML valid
  • Landscapes archaeology and wild nature from Poland and Libya ....Mix of thinkdreams, garland and binary themes
  • website: http://www.redcarpetshow.net/fotos/

    about: this website use zenphoto 1.1.1 and is full in german. also stable theme is 80% by own work. all pictures in this gallery are from the society entertainment life here in berlin.

    - lightbox (lightbox v2 by www.huddletogether.com)
    - thumbnail image slider
    - accept button to view all photos (photo license)
    - xhtml valid

    thanks :)
  • My site http://www.bollywoodfanart.com/ , zen photo is at http://www.bollywoodfanart.com/artists/

    The profiles of artists there are albums.

    I put in lot of customization and added a uploader system from celerondude.com to provide upload function for the artist from which they can directory upload into there albums and make subdirectories.

    Many thanks to all the people who provided help on the forums.

    And i know i don't have powered by link on gallery, but i am planning to do a about page and will add the link there.
  • a great script - zenphoto, go ahead!

    Here is my first site, where I use zenphoto. Most difficult thing was to create all in the whole design of the webpage:

    VNV Nation - offizielle deutsche Fanseite - Fotos

    thanx a lot ...
  • wow ... thanx for the add so fast ! :D
  • Here is my page;
    looks identical in IE 6+, Safari, Firefox
    (have not tested others)

    if being added could the screen capture be of this page? :D

    if anyone is interested (not that you would be :b)
    my flickr account is sorrenta

    either way thank you for this great software, and even better support!
  • thank you !
  • Bonjour à tous, je viens juste d'installer ma galerie de photos aériennes grâce à zenphoto, vous pouvez la retrouver ici: http://nicospeech.fr
    Elle contient des photos de l'espace, de voltige, du meeting de Tours, Oshkoch, ...
    J'espère qu'elle vous plaira.
    A bientôt.

    Hello, I have just install my gallerie. You can find it at: http://nicospeech.fr
    It's a gallerie of planes photos, sky, sun, Oshkoch (USA), Tours (France).
    Much photos represents Normandie.
    Take a break and go to my website.

    Sorry for my english :(
  • Here is our gallery, it is running inside of Joomla CMS. Default theme fit nicely with a few changes. Our site averages over 1 million unique visitors per month..


    We really like it and are looking forward to the next full release. great job ZP team!

    We are looking to hire a zenphoto guru to make us a custom template..feel free to contact me if interested...
  • After looking for a good and easy to use portfolio system, which could also be incorporated into a content management system, I stumbled upon ZENphoto.

    Great job! Thank you

    The portfolio can be seen at: http://www.coolgrafimedia.com/portfolio-topmenu-60.html
    The homepage is at: http://www.coolgrafimedia.com

    Keep up the good work.
  • Lightbox


    currently temp pictures in the gallery, but client will update soon.

    Great program!

    I will definitely start using ZenPhoto all the time.

  • Being using Zenphoto for about a year and a half now. I'm extremely happy with it! Keep up the good work.

    My gallery is at http://www.silent-melodies.net/gal
    Homepage is at http://www.silent-melodies.net

    I even edited the last images function so I could use lightbox.
  • I been using zenphoto for a while, mainly because I love its versatility and how easy it is to adapt it to an existing design. Not to mention all the new features I have not even finish exploring yet :)

    Gallery: Zucye - Galería Virtual (Spanish)
    **I use GreyBox in the albums and image view.

    Hope you like the design of my gallery. I will continue to work on it and since I am not a designer or a developer, criticism and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. You can always contact me HERE!
  • Hello everyone! Here's my Site:


    Thanks a lot Zenphoto for the great application.
  • http://galerie.jana-pallaske.net

    Gallery of the fansite i run.

    Most functions of zenphoto are supported by my theme, including tags (but not used, yet), comments, and so on. The archive view is disabled because it returns kinda funny values and dates for images uploaded via FTP :)

    As you can see, i like the default design, just tweaked it for my needs, btw: PLEASE, PLEASE add a CSS class or an ID to EVERY single tag you output (or the possibility to do so)! please! Using “h2.breadcrumb > span.breadcrumb > a” because the breadcrumb links dont have a CSS class or ID isnt very cool!)
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