Backtrace: NOTICE.....Mobile_Detect.php

What's the deal with this error? Doesn't seem to have any affect on things but would like to get rid of it.

{Fri, 23 Nov 2012 15:37:42 GMT}
Backtrace: NOTICE: Undefined index: HTTP_ACCEPT in /zp-core/zp-extensions/mobileTheme/Mobile_Detect.php on line 97
Mobile_Detect->__construct called
from mobile->__construct (mobileTheme.php [173])
from mobileTheme::theme (mobileTheme.php [119])
from call_user_func_array (unknown)
from zp_apply_filter (functions-filter.php [150])
from setupTheme (functions.php [1116])
from prepareIndexPage (functions-controller.php [450])
from index.php [35]


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