zenphoto 1.0.0 beta released!

So the moment you've all been waiting for is here! We put out a new zenphoto release today. For the impatient, grab it here. For those who are interested, here's the list of all the new features:
  • Drag and drop sorting of the Gallery and Albums (and there was more rejoicing!)
  • Album and Image deletion from the admin section (be careful!)
  • Comment notification (so now you know what people are saying about you)
  • Improvements to the Admin section
  • And many behind the scenes architectural improvements.
You can check the full changelog here.

WARNING: Although we have made substantial progress in this release, this is still a beta. Make sure that you take good backups of anything you can afford to lose when you upgrade. Just in case..


First, make sure you back up your DB tables. Next, upload the new files over the top of your existing installation. You will have to update your config.php file manually with the new [admin_email] field and the new pathing at the bottom. Did we say back up your DB tables? Finally, load http://hostname/zenphoto/zen/upgrade.php (or whatever your path is) in your browser. Click on Go and watch the magic.

Known Issues

You may have to delete your admin cookie and log back into your site after the upgrade. You may not. Let us know.


As usual, please post all issues to the Support forums. We also like to know when things go right and how pleased people are ;) If you are keen to keep abreast of zenphoto changes you can do so by following the zenphoto categories at Tristan's and my blog.

Future Directions

We do listen to what everyone is saying. Really, we do. We try. So here are a few things that we know everyone would like: WP plugin(s), RSS feeds, easier installs, sub-albums, etc. We'll get there. For now, enjoy!


  • Uhm -the Grab it here link points to the v0.9 version ? Or is it me overseeing something ?
    (NO it was me - I had to refresh the page - sorry :-)

    Fantastic with this new version by the way, can't wait to install it.
  • Sweet!

    Well, just so you can "phew!" - the first hurdle was leapt cleanly. I'm running a totally demo gallery, so I was not worried about backups. Simply shifted all files into a backup folder, except albums and my .htaccess file.

    Shifted the new ones over, plus a freshly edited config.php (chaged the chmod for the new cache folder to 777) - ran the upgrade and....

    Everything is there, comments and all. Admin panel proudly reads: version 1.0.0 Beta


    Now playing......

    * Sort (for gallery order) and sort (for image order) both work well. [Observation: with a long gallery list, a "save" button at top of list and bottom would be nice!]

    >> More on sort: when dragging a new gallery (which is appended by default to the *bottom* of the gallery list) to the top of the list, I am encountering two minor niggles.

    Firstly - my list of galleries is deeper than a browser page - and the darg and drop won't initate the "scroll page up" for me (sorry - lacking terminology here) - so I have to drag halfway up the list, save, the scroll page up and drag the rest of the way. (I am using FF).

    Also, when I hover too long on the gallery I am dragging, on drop it goes straight into "edit gallery images" mode, thus losing my opportunity to save the Gallery order change I just made!

    * Notification of new comment by email works, just as you would expect it to! :o)

    * Image deletion (new image uploaded via panel) works well. Confirmation popup provides the functionality you would expect! [Observation: bigger upload boxes, please. With multiple uploads, you really want to be able to see the whole filename!]

    * Album deletion - does what it says on the box - and kudos for the extra confirmation at delete album level! :o)

    * Dumped a new theme into the folder - found it - used it. No probs.

    * "You may have to delete your admin cookie and log back into your site after the upgrade. You may not. Let us know." ... nope. I didn't have to do that.

    (is this helpful?!)
  • peh Member

    Just read the comments about the need to manually change the config.php file..

    "You will have to update your config.php file manually with the new [admin_email] field and the new pathing at the bottom."

    In the new config.php I can see the admin_email field..... but after that... well I dont really see anything related to any paths...

    Can anyone clarify what it is that needs to be changed here, apart from admin_email?

  • If you get as far as the line:

    // Image Processing Configuration

    you will have passed all the variables that I found and changed. Basically, the only addition I noticed was for the email address for comments notification.

  • RoQ Member
    hi, i have upgrade zenphoto to 1.0 without problems, everything was fine until i was sorting the albums and when i click on "Save Order", i get this error:
    MySQL Query ( UPDATE albums SET `sort_order`='1' WHERE `id`=23 ) Failed. Error: Unknown column 'sort_order' in 'field list'
    help please i dont know about MySQL.
  • I am in a completely different boat than the above posters. I backed up everything, and then copied the new files into my zenphoto folder on my server. First issue i got was a connection error, for some reason i kept getting a mysql error in connecting. So i went into functions-db and manually changed the connection string with hardcoded user and password and host. Then it couldnt find the Table, so i manually changed the line that referenced that. Then it connected fine but then i got this error:

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getTitle() on a non-object in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\kamnikars.com\zenphoto-new\zen\template-functions.php on line 399

    at this point I realize i'm in over my head and i went back to version 0.9 and everything seems to be working fine. My best guess is there is something in my setup that doesnt like the zp_conf array and thats why i couldnt connect. I have no clue whether this array is accessed by the getTitle() function. But maybe the same underlying issue is affecting that as well?

    for the record i'm running php5 and MYSQL 4.1.14 on Apache. (xampp)

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • @RoQ : did you run upgrade.php ? That solved this exact problem for me.
  • I get the same error as kamtom when upgrading.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getTitle() on a non-object in C:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\kamnikars.com\zenphoto-new\zen\template-functions.php on line 399

    I also done a brand new install with a new database in a new directory and got the same result.

    I've reverted back to 0.9 for now until someone can work this out. I've spent over an hour on this and got nowhere at all.
  • kamtom and cj: that's quite vexing! My belief is that there must be something up with your config file that's causing this problem. Can you please find a way to make it available for me so I can take a look?
  • Oh, we love you testers! So the fatal error was not caused by a config file, but an edge case where you have not added any albums yet, but want to view your gallery. Yeah.. we should have tested that =(

    Anyway, the fix is simple, add this to line 265 of template-functions.php (i.e. in the next_album method):

    if (empty($_zp_albums)) { return false; }

    And also add this at line 545 (i.e. in next_image):

    if (empty($_zp_images)) { return false; }

    Sorry about that! <mumble.. beta version... mumble, mumble>
  • i got a different error now. rather then trying to explain it all, have a look at my test install that i done. its at www.cjsimmons.net/testzp - it seems to have some issues with the database.
  • now I'm getting the same error as cjsimmons. Brand new install on a different website for testing purposes. This was my orignal problem, the way i fixed it was going into the functions-db.php and hardcoding the connection variables in. Which leads me to think there is something up with my version of PHP or apache that doesnt like the object. I dont know for sure. Like i said, running php 5.

  • the refresh link doesn't seem to do anything for me. it reports 145 images, when I only have 92.
  • Woohoo! Love the new features, have not had a problem besides losing about 5 comments in admin. The count is still right, just 5 of them are not showing up. Thanks ZenPhoto team for delivering!
  • I can't believe i forgot about this.

    I tried once again to get the install working, so i set up a completely new folder with all the same images etc and same database. Same issues as before. Then a light bulb hit me. I remembered with the LAST install i had to change the name of the config file. There is something with my install of PHP that if i do an include config it throws a ton of errrors.

    So i renamed my config file Zconfig.php and changed all the includes to reflect that.


    everythign now works perfectly! I feel like such an idiot, especially since i looked and saw i did that with the .9 install and i just forgot.

  • Thanks so much for your hardwork!! Upgrade was done in less than 2 minutes. It was a breeze!!
  • Just to reconfirm, I updated my test folder back to the name of my old gallery and with the changing of the config file name now everything works perfectly! Thanks so much guys!
    Here is my own little modified theme, all i did was just intergrate it into the look of my site:

  • First, great great project! Way to go Tristan , Luckyspin and other folks!! Much appreciated.

    Had it running for a week on 0.8 with minor issues (no album sorting, no thumb sorting despite numbered photos, loosing thumbs). But was certainly bearable.

    I manually localized the Default theme into Russian. I am no pro in PHP or CSS at all, but was able to do it thanks to your lean and clean coding concept.

    Had no trouble upgrading to 1.0. It addressed all the issues!

    I just copied the new /ZEN folder over, using FTP and then put my original CONFIG.PHP back. I also ran upgrade.php to get the database structure updated. I obviously did not want to loose my localized theme, so did not touch anything else in the install folder.

    Works without a hitch! Take a look: http://www.reminor.com/zp
    Note that i removed the file name when you drill down to see the picture. To me it does not make sense having some IMG_8347.JPG displaying there (i.e. "Photos | Album | IMAGE_34243.jpg" is now just "Photos | Album") . I think it's better of that way.

    FEATURE REQUEST: number one on my list is sub-albums (i.e "drilling" down into "chapters" and having many albums there to explore).

    Number two: ability to select how many albums are displayed per page. I initially had 6, and the last one required moving into Page 2. I wanted to have all on one page, long page is OK with me. Any chance there will be a GUI selector "Display __ albums per page", or something. Same goes for pictures-per-page. Sorry if it all was explained before elsewhere on the forum (didn't find it).

    And again THANK YOU all for the great album script!
  • Albums and pictures per page are controlled in config.php. You can just update the numbers in there. That was easy!

    Sub albums not so easy, but we know everyone wants it, so it'll come.
  • Hello

    I've upgrade from 0.9 to 1.0.0beta.
    I've 2 bug report:
    1. i've manually sorted my album with the admin tool, but the almbum are still sorted by filenames on the main page. They are only sorted in pages (./page/1 , ./page/2 ...). I guess the main pages need an update ?

    For instance:
    - not sorted: http://arofarn.info/arogallerie/
    - sorted: http://arofarn.info/arogallerie/page/1

    2. When I try to sorted the photos of an album, I get this message:
    "Error: The 'albums' directory cannot be found or is not readable."

    And Thanks for all ;-)
  • trisweb Administrator
    Very interesting bug... we'll definitely look at it. Thanks.
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