Path errors?

OK, I've installed 1.0, created databases, and then uninstalled and deleted databases three times, and each time, I get a different problem.

My current problem: the paths to my images, and the navigation links are both wrong. Take a look:

In the admin and on the site, I'm showing a gallery, and my first folder---but the navigation links from the main gallery are missing part of the path, so they're broken. Instead of the navigation is showing up as so I'm getting a 404.

Same with the images. Part of the path is missing, so they're showing up as broken links.


  • Oh, OK---I tried a different way of addressing the path in .htaccess, and it worked.

    It didn't want the complete path to my directory---it just wants it from the root.
  • Hi,
    I think I have the same problem. Everything is ok after uploading and saving (images, thumbs, etc.) and then:
    This is what I put in .htaccess :
    RewriteBase /zenphoto
    Thank you for helping me.
  • cmaurin,

    I had to add a trailing slash. So my .htaccess:

    RewriteBase /zenphoto/
  • Hi gtrc,
    I have tried this (and a lot of other things...), and I have the same result.
    Thank you.
  • Does anyone have any idea why the mod rewrite is working for some people and not for others (e.g. see

  • I had very similar problems, I am not convinced the problem is in the .htaccess file because I still experienced the problems when I turned mod_rewrite off. The only way I got it to work was the edit the zen/functions.php file in the following way.

    // functions.php - HEADERS NOT SENT YET!

    /*comment out this bit
    if (strstr(basename(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])), "zen")) {
    define('WEBPATH', dirname(dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'])));
    } else {
    define('WEBPATH', dirname($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']));
    define('WEBPATH', '/zenphoto');
  • That works!
    Thank you biffta.
  • biffta, you rock. i was about ready to cry, couldn't figure how to get the install finished properly (despite multitudinous mt and wp installs the past few years). you saved me a night of tears, as this did the trick. =) thanks.
  • Thanks biffta!

    It works fine.
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