My gallery, so far

Installing this and customizing a template was not what I was supposed to be doing yesterday, but here's the result of the day's work:

The Altered Photos directory has all its descriptions, and is pretty much complete.

This isn't connected to the rest of the site yet, because I'm currently moving the entire site over from hand-coded pages and cgi scripts to Wordpress. (If you click on the gallery links on the site, you'll see the old one---pack a lunch, because it's massive.)

Because I'm in need of nested directories---I have twenty six different projects that fall under Altered Books---I'm contemplating running a second copy of ZenPhoto to accomodate all my work, and building a static page to hold links to this gallery, my AB gallery, and a third page for other types of work.

I'm thrilled to be able to do all this with a lightweight package. Everything else I'd considered had tons of features I just don't need---in fact, I even stripped out some of the functions of Zenphoto, like clicking to the largest version of the photo, which isn't necessary for the sizes of my photos, and comments, which are disabled across the board on my site because of idiots who abuse the function.

Anyway, thanks for such a simple script. I found it very easy to take pieces and parts of different existing themes, and make one that fit my site---because I'm an artist, not a developer, and have no clue how to write PHP on my own.


  • LISA!
    I am in love with your photo album...
    I have been experimenting with Album and Gallery opensource programs for a few months now. But this one seems so much cleaner (user side)
    But I am getting
    "MySQL Error: Could not connect to the database server."

    I have dreamhost and I am hoping someone here can guide me thru that redirct part which I am sure I am doing wrong. As I am in the same boat as you (more artist than developer)
    I know you are way busy and you help me so much already!
    BUT if you or someone else can give me an assist (no hurry)
    I would LOVE it!
  • Wow, Lisa, amazing! :)
  • shebaduhkitty, your error could be caused by you not having the correct username and password of your database set in your zen/config.php file. Although first things first I guess we better check that you have a mysql database included in your webhosting package?
  • Sheba, I had some trouble with the whole MySQL thing, too---like you, I'm an artist, not a technical wizard. I had to hunt and peck a bit to figure out how to make it work.

    In my case, it was that I wasn't supplying the name of the database in the way the script was expecting. It wants the full name of the database (in my case, it's lisavollrath_com_-_wp)
  • you have a mysql database included in your webhosting package...

    Yes and I have set up mysql database for a message board and a "gallery" source gallery that both work.
  • Very nice album indeed.
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