Admin link bug (just a typo you made :P)

on line 849 of the template functions file

it is:
printLink(WEBPATH . '/admin/?page=editcomment&id=' . $_zp_current_comment['id'], $text, $title, $class, $id);

it should be:
printLink(WEBPATH . '/zen/admin.php?page=editcomment&id=' . $_zp_current_comment['id'], $text, $title, $class, $id);

great program, keep up the great work.


  • found another i think.

    on line 786 of admin.php it looks like this:
    . (zp_conf("mod_rewrite") ? "../$album/$image" : "../image.php?album=".urlencode($album)."&image=".urlencode($image))

    this doesnt work for me, and when using the gallery i found it works best when ths line is like this:

    . (zp_conf("mod_rewrite") ? "../$album/$image" : "../index.php?album=".urlencode($album)."&image=".urlencode($image))
  • Icco, are you using mod_rewrite? Those links should and do work for me. I'm wondering if there is some other pathing issue at work here.
  • no i am not using mod_rewrite.
  • Muchas gracias
    I had the same problem wich was 'caused by another etc.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Yes, I think that first one was wrong... it assumed mod_rewrite. I'll fix it now.
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