300kb image limit

I have zenphoto installed, and works for the most part... (see post title).

So I checked phpinfo(); and I have:

upload_max_filesize: 2MB
post_max_size: 8MB

Whenever I try to upload anything over 300kb I can't view the image.

The image IS there, I can move the image to another folder and it is viewable...

Any ideas?


  • www.okwustudents.edu/gallery

  • trisweb Administrator
    Well, there is always FTP. In fact, that's probably much easier than the web interface. Just stick images in a folder under the 'albums' folder.

    Don't you love options? ;-)
  • Even if I FTP zenphoto still doesn't display the image.

    It is really strange, I know.
  • trisweb Administrator
    That is strange. Really can't help you, but definately file the bug on berlios and we'll get to it someday.
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