New Theme

Hi I have just installed Zen Photo and written a theme for it. It is at:

You need to click on the menu item: photogallery!

When you click on this you will see that the first of the photos at the top changes and becomes a link to a photogaller. Do you know how I can make this photo the same size as the others please?

Also when you click on a gallery you get to the list of the thumbnails. I would like to place the navigation either at the top or bottom of the list of thumbnails. How do I do this please?

And finally, When I click on a photo I would like them to be contained within a certain size. Around 350px max. Is it possible to set a limit to the size they become please?

What is the licence on the app by the way?

Thanks for your help and this great application.



  • trisweb Administrator
    Levi had some code for custom-sized thumbnails that we should be integrating soon, but until then you'd have to change the thumb size in config.php to get it the same size. Also, setting border="0" in the image might help.

    Also, to get a max 350px you can tweak the settings in config.php. they should be pretty self-explanitory.
  • trisweb Administrator
    And the license is GPL, I forgot to include that in the dist...
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