Crying here, please help.

I have put album titles and descriptions for the albums in at least 5 times and they always seem to zero out, I think when I access my gallery through ftp!

I am so frustrated with this that I'm almost crying, no kidding.

Does anyone have the same problem?

And no, I am not renaming the folders through ftp, or changin anything about the folders.

Is it also possible to reset the order of albums to the default? So that it would be like I never rearranged them and they would just pile up by filename?


  • no idea, sorry dude. maybe try to edit the database fields directly, in phpmyadmin?
    really like your use of colour, though :)
  • Thank you for the complement, I like the colours too. ;)

    But this is still a problem.

    Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  • Hello ingalo your theme is very great, you can put it to a dowload? With GNU license perhaps?
  • garde: Thank you, but that would be more than saying it because I modified more than only the theme files to make the functions in it possible.

    This theme of mine is, you see, very restricted to the images being resized to very limited sizes, and if somebody would use this theme and want larger images, it would just overflow and go all crazy'n'shit ;)

    Maybe I can make a similar one without so much changes to other parts of the script. I will post it in the themes forum if I do ;) Might take some time.
  • I found out what causes the re-names to zero out. Everything works perfectly until I upload images through ftp!!! Shit that's fucked. What is causing this? A bug in the script?
  • Even the comments disappear. The thumbnails chosen for each album zero to the default.

    This is so sad.
  • FWIW I have the same problem. I can add comments in the admin and they seem to stick, though. Just not using the "Click here to add a description" box.
  • No, I mean user's comments on individual images. They just disappear. This is not cool.
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