Basic Installation

Hi all! Your gallery software is EXACTLY what I've been looking for--I am having some trouble getting started. After unzipping the downloaded files, I can't figure out what to do next. I've made attempts to find the way to install it.. But after uploading the files and going to index.php I received an error..Can anyone please help me?


  • I'm sorry, the installation/instructions file wouldn't open until I assigned it to open in Notepad...It looks pretty self explanatory now :) ...I just have one (probably obvious) question, why does it want me to rename config.php to config.php? If it's already called config.php, what is the use in renaming it to the name it already has?
  • Well, I was right..the answer was obvious, lol. (you're supposed to delete the "example" text which follows "index.php" in case anyone else follows my moronic footsteps. I managed to get to the setup page, and I'm faced with this error:
    MySQL Error: Could not connect to the database server.
    I have a database setup called "alyse_zenphoto" but how do I connect them?
  • uh, it could be because I haven't edited the htaccess file..which terrifies me because I've never worked with php and I'm afraid I'll mess up the code. If this is the problem, could someone tell me exactly what I'm supposed to type and where? I don't know what the path is, or where I'm supposed to type it, but I do have a mysql account set up with a user assigned to it with a password.

  • Never mind, a friend explained I just needed to modify individual fields of the htaccess file.
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