mamp and zenphoto

hello, can you tell me why i can't install zenphoto on my localhost with MAMP? i try and i try , but it's always the same thing : MySQL Error: Could not connect to the database server.


  • i get the exact error, but i use XAMPP.
  • I had this exact same issue.. It's very easy to solve. Rename your config file to something like Z-config.php. Then change the references to that config file (its only in like 1 or 2 places can't remember where sorry) and it should work just fine! Xammp (and i'm assuming MAMP) has some wierd mapping going on with files named config. All you have to do is change the name :)

    Good Luck!

  • trisweb Administrator
    Ahhhhhh right. I had this problem with XAMPP as well. A different Config.php is in the include path for PEAR and some other programs too, and it conflicts. I might just change the name to zp-config.php in general to avoid this.
  • OMG!!! is that all i had to do. gee. i thought that this was a much more serious problem then something as simple as this.

    it worked on my test gallery. i'm going to go and upgrade my main gallery from 0.9 now.

    UPDATE: Got it working. Thanks Heaps.
  • thank U for those post, i'll try.
  • THANKS! This fixed the issue. For anyone who needs the info, the files to change are:

    LINE 7

    If you plan on using setup.php again,
    LINE 1
    LINE 33

    and upgrade.php
    LINE 1
    LINE 33
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