Setup cannot find database

Hello all,

I installed zen, configured the .htaccess.. gave the proper permissions to the folders, but it will not find the database on the setup.php page.

I have a login screen, and an error message saying it cannot find the database. Is this a known issue? I have my site already running on the database, so I know I've entered the correct information.

Thanks for any help.


  • How are you trying to access you database in the config.php file?

    I had a similar problem by trying to connect via

    I removed the "http://" and all worked well.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Yep, check the database host... usually (90% of the time) it's just 'localhost'. Then check the database name. Some hosts (like mine) require database names start with your username, so try 'username_databasename' in place of just 'databasename'
  • Thanks guys, it connects to the dbase now, but all I get is a Zen login screen looking for a user name and pass.

    Is this for the zen backend, because my dbase information doesn't work here. Sorry to sound like such a noooob.
  • Nix the last post, I found it in the config.php ... pays to look around a bit I suppose.

    Thanks though
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