Admin Upload Infinite Loop


I have experienced a major bug in the Admin section of ZenPhoto and would like to report it. I don't know if Trisweb and all developpers have already heard about it.

The bug was found with ZP 0.9, 1.0 and also the lastest 1.0.1. I try to create a new album and upload a new image and when I click on the Upload button the php file runs into an infinite loop. Then, Firefox starts freezing and finally asks me whether it should kill the infinite loop or leave it running.
I ask him to kill the loop and then I get to the next page. The file is correctly uploaded.

It's pretty annoying and it's the only bug I've found. Because of this problem, now I upload files manualy with a FTP software.

Have you already heard about this bug ? Is this some misconfiguration that I could have done ?


  • trisweb Administrator
    Great, thanks for the report. Sounds like a JavaScript bug (that upload page uses a lot of it to improve the UI flow) -- what browser and OS (specific versions too!) are you using? Hopefully we can reproduce it and find the error. Thanks!
  • I'm using Firefox 1.5.1 under Windows XP with SP2 (at home) and Windows 2000 with SP4 (office).

    This bug occured with all types of images (Jpeg from 400 Kb to 2 Mb).

    Do you want more specific informations ?
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