Zenphoto.org slow to load and slows down my gallery admin

Hello all,

I recently noted that my gallery admin was slow to load at times. After logging in, the overview page seemed to take forever to display.
I also had trouble displaying www.zenphoto.org at the very same time.
I noticed this warning at the bottom of the page after such a slow loading:
Failed to retrieve link http://www.zenphoto.org/index.php?rss=news&withimages

This is probably the cause of the trouble loading my gallery admin. Is there a way to disable the display of these news?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Yes, our server had some trouble recently because of a spam attack and our server admin being on holiday (not unlikely this season). That you backend slowed down is the result of the zenphoto_news plugin that displays the latest news via RSS from our site. Which of course failed during the server issues.
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