Using printAlbumMenuList to link to album's first image

I'm using the printAlbumMenuList to generate a menu for the whole gallery.
This call works perfectly:
`<?php printAlbumMenuList('list',true,'albums_list','active','sub_album','active','',true); ?>`
but as soon as I set the following parameter to true like that:
`<?php printAlbumMenuList('list',true,'albums_list','active','sub_album','active','',true,true);`
in order to
`$firstimagelink If set to TRUE and if the album has images the link will point to page of the first image instead the album thumbnail page`
the whole rest of the page is completely empty. In fact, I looked at the generated source, and all the HTML through the end of the page is commented, starting with the beginning of the `<ul>` tag of the album list.

I'm running the version.

Can you reproduce this issue? And should I report it?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    What theme do you use?
  • I'm working on my own theme. But shouldn't it work whatever theme is used?
    If you want me to test with a theme you know, just tell me which one.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    As a general rule if you experience issues with something in your own theme try it with a standard theme. The Zenpage theme would be appropiate for that. If it does not happen there it is something related to your theme. If it does happen as well we probably have a bug.

    Udpate: There was a bug if you have dynamic albums. It is not possible to link to the first image of an dynamic album directly so it is now disabled. That is fixed in the GitHub build.
  • Just saw your update: I will try the Git version (once I have found where to download it from...)

    In the mean time, I made tests on the image page of the Default theme. The result was different, but it didn't work either: as soon as I add this 'link-to-first-image' parameter, I got only one link to the gallery root, no album/sub-album appears in the list.
  • Thanks, the new version works fine.

    That was the first time I used this new Git system. I didn't find a link to download the file, and had to do a copy/paste of the source in order to replace the previous version.Might have missed something...
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You cannot download individual files, just the full build using the zip button (master). It is generally not recommend to use individual files from newer versions on older ones (1.4.4beta vs 1.4.3.x) which can involve other dependencies and cause errors. Always update the whole thing! In this case it should be no problem though.
  • Ah... thanks for the explanation.

    By the way, this is not related, but the answers I get via the RSS flux are always dated from 8 hours before; there seems to be some discrepancy between the forum time and the one put in the RSS flux.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    No idea regarding the forum rss. Your answer is right now 34 minutes ago and I am in a completely different time zone than the server.
  • I suspect that the RSS timestamps are UTC times. I have not explicitly checked this, but it would make sense. (I know that I do not typically post at 2AM!)
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