i have the zenphoto galley on my website.
i have a hash security on my website and i want that the members on my site can login to the gallery with the same password as on my site.

so i would connect the 2 database tables.
but i don't find what kind of security there is on the gallery

does anyone know what sort it is?

a hash isnt it, but who knows wat kind of?

Hope you can help me

Grtzzz Bartj


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If you wish to use the same login you need to code an handler for the included federated_login plugin or try to use one of the included ones (OpenID, Google)
  • I really do not know what "hash" security is, but if it is http authorization then there is a plugin that handles it.

    If it is something unique there would have to be a special plugin created to deal with it. This has been done for other situations, but it does require development efforts so if you are not skilled in coding, security, Zenphoto internals you would probably have to contract for its implementation.
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