database issues

I've been having a few issues where the db gets very large, and then I got a white screen on index.php so i decided to start from scratch.

Downloaded a fresh copy of and set it up, then set about uploading my 2400 images. This all went ok, apart from it telling me half way through that the installation had changed and i needed to run setup again!?

The admin area seems to run quite slowly. I've now noticed my db is around 6-7mb and i'm sure it used to be around 2mb before I had problems.

I have noticed in phpmyadmin its showing over 27,000 records in _options. In this table there is almost 1000 pages of 'zenphoto_captcha' entries. Is this right? seems strange.

Its running a duplicate of default theme with some minor css changes.

This is the debug log.

{Sun, 30 Dec 2012 16:07:42 GMT} Zenphoto v1.4.3.5[11059]

Backtrace: WARNING: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /mounted-storage/home34b/sub001/sc27915-YPZT/ on line 1050

array_merge called

from SearchEngine->searchFieldsAndTags (class-search.php [1050])

from SearchEngine->getSearchAlbums (class-search.php [1246])

from SearchEngine->getAlbums (class-search.php [1301])

from SearchEngine->getNumAlbums (class-search.php [677])

from getNumAlbums (template-functions.php [454])

from setThemeColumns (template-functions.php [4259])

from index.php [75]

Hopefully someone can help.

Also I can't for the life of me get it to display more than 6 albums per page. The settings just don't save.

Any help appreciated.


  • Well for starters there is no `zenphoto_captcha` option at all, at least in the standard 1.4.3 branch of Zenphoto.

    Also it is pretty strange that you would get a message that the installation has changed during setup. I'm not at all sure what could possibly change at that point in time. Did you get an indication of the change?

    The error is also puzzeling. But it is perhaps related. If some garbage came back from the database from a dynamic album it could possibly be the source of this.
  • Thanks for replying. I don't know if these screens will shed more light.

    Do you have any suggestions to track down the cause?
  • its just done it again. working fine and then suddenly...

    Zenphoto has detected a change in your installation.

    Zenphoto[11059] has been copied over an unknown release.

    Please reinstall the following setup files from the [11059] release:


    The change detected is critical. You must run setup for your site to function.
  • and phpmyadmin


    MySQL said: Documentation
    #1226 - User 'TS2' has exceeded the 'max_queries_per_hour' resource (current value: 50000)
  • and now its back online without me doing anything......weird!
    I swear its something to do with this _options table.

    In phpmyadmin, when i refresh the database, the number of records in _options is changing from anywhere between 25,000 and 30,000 each time i refresh. Is this normal?

  • Well, these symptoms are an indication that your database was acting up. Why is an interesting question, but not one we can answer.

    You can delete all but one set of those captcha options. But more problematical is that the id, name, and ownerid field sof the options table should be "unique" and apparently are not.
  • is that something i've done to cause that? what puzzles me is this is pretty much a fresh install and i've not had these problems before.

    Issues with the webhost possibly?
  • I deleted all of the captcha options, and it left me with around 3000 records in _options which seems a lot better than 30,000! Each time I refresh though the number of records is going up. Its just adding more captcha records constantly.

    I'm stumped :(
  • That should not even be possible. The records would not be unique so the database should complain. Check the structure of the options table and be sure that it has a unique set as described.

    The only captcha option that is set outside of setup and the option handling is the `zenphoto_captcha_key`. That option is regenerated so that attackers cannot guess it. But in all cases there should be only one instance of the option in the database because of the unique set.

    If the unique set index is missing you will have to recreate it. The only way it could be missing is if there are already duplicate entries in the DB (Which there are). So you will have to clean up the database table first.
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