Different styling for some pages

Is there an easy way to style some ZenPages differently from the others?
I was looking for a way to add a `id` and/or `class` for the whole page, but didn't see any such parameter in the administration page.

Have I missed something?
Thanks for any hint on the matter.


  • fretzl Administrator, Developer
    The multiple_layouts plugin is designed to do just that. How it works is explained in the plugin info.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If it is just changing a class you could add a check like `if($_zp_current_zenpage_page->getTitlelink() == "") { .... }` and let it print it.

    You could also modify the theme to use for example the custom field or a codeblock to store a class or id name and just check for it.

    The multiple_layouts plugin is best suited if you do really different things like different columns or something.
  • Thanks for your quick answer.

    I guess the custom field or the codeblock with a theme modification will be me best option: whenever I want to have another page layout, I'll just have to add the corresponding CSS rules.

    But I'll have to investigate a bit, as I have yet to use a custom field or a codeblock.
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