problem reading my images

Being new to Zen Photo, I appeal to you to help me solve my problem.
I have a problem reading the images on my future site, it put me a page torn instead of the thumbnail of the album and when I click on the photo album images appear on the left but not in large format to show you my problem here are two screenshots of the homepage as well as the album.
Image 1 my homepage :
Image 2 the album :
My website :
Thank you in advance for your help


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    First, try with a standard theme, this is none. Review your error logs. Second, you should upgrade to the latest 1.4.3.x version, too.

    Also review our troubleshooting guide
  • Firstly thank you for your reply, the latest version of ZenPhoto has been installed, I checked the error logs and change the theme but without success, it still does not work. I try to find the way PHP Safe Mode with my host ( but I have not found.
  • What you are showing is an image that has failed to render. There are any number of reasons this might happen, but the most likely is that the image is too large to be processed with the memory you have available for processign it.

    There are tips for debugging this in the troubleshooting guide. You will also likely find errors in your server error log.
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