Some images not showing in album - portrait mode

Having problems with some images not showing up. Have read several of the troubleshooting and support on this issue but no resolution. Images are about 3mb all from the same camera uploaded together, all images have same permissions in the album folder, but some images were not showing up in album (broken image placeholder) and not being created in the cache folder.

I ran the &debug on some of them and got this message: "The Zenphoto object you are requesting cannot be found.
Album: 2012-build-season/DSC_8334.JPG.php&debug"

Could not find a way to force a refresh of an image to cache (is there one ?).

Then I found all the images had something in common. They were all portrait images. I tried rotating the image and re-uploading, they still didn't show up. Assume its something in the photo metadata, but seems like this would be a common thing other people would have run across. Its not an obscure camera, Nikon D80. Is this failure to process a portrait mode image expected ? Solution for getting around this failure to process the image ?

want one of the images to test?

Thanks for you help !

Zenphoto version [11059] (Official build)
Fresh Install
uploading images via ftp
Current gallery theme: Stopdesign Theme
PHP version: 5.3.13
Graphics support: PHP GD library bundled (2.0.34 compatible)


  • I went into the exif data and set the rotation to zero degrees. Rotated the image manually in editor, saved and uploaded.

    That seems to work, now they show up. Strange that the processing just fails on a rotated image.
  • Some "off brand" versions of the GD library are built without image rotation support. That may be the issue. Also, of course, rotation is an extra step in the image rendering process, so naturally takes extra memory. Perhpas you do not have sufficient memory to both rotate and resize the images.

    If image rotation is not present there should be error messages in your CGI logs. Same if you have run out of memory. This is why you always hear us ask "What do the logs show."
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