Zenphoto 1.4.4 search not working properly

Hi guys,

I installed Zenphoto 1.4.4 on a dev environment on my webserver. No changes are made on this release, so a clean install. I moved 2 maps with pictures to the server and renamed from each map 8 pictures to test1-test2 and on.

When I perform a search (with search criteria "test") I see the results, 16 pictures from 2 maps with a url mywebsite/dev/page/search/

When I want to see the pictures I can scroll from picture test1 till test8 and then I see the pictures in the map that are not renamed (just IMG_numbers from 1 map).

I see 16 pictures from 2 maps but I can only see 8 pictures from 1 map en not the other 8 pictures from another map that also named test9 - test10 and on.

During this search scroll the url does not have the search within. I tested this with all standard themes.

Allow search is enabled on the theme.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    How are the search option set?
  • Search options are set:
    - Field list to all
    - Treat spaces as AND
    - Default search NEW
    - Do not return album matches NOT SET
    - Do not return image matches NOT SET
    - Redo search after 0 minutes
  • please try changeset e6282d75a6321f8584e95bcb21d15aa3a2a3c413
  • Please specify, where can I find this changeset?

    Thnx sbillard
  • GitHub, of course. Nightly build link on the download page.
  • Nightly build works like a charme.

    thnx sbillard
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