Upgrade to Zenphoto 1.4.4 Zenphoto core files [This is a debug build]

I see the above in the setup page, never noticed it before

Zenphoto core files [This is a debug build]

with an exclamation mark to the left?

installing index.php, zp-core, and themes from .zip


  • You have apparently downloaded a beta version of 1.4.4. What does the "version" number say at the foot of your admin pages?
  • Zenphoto version 1.4.4 [4d20f7093e]

    file I downloaded was zenphoto-Zenphoto-1.4.4.zip from the main download page
  • That is the right file. You get that message if there is a "trailer" on the version. But I did just download and install that version and it does not show as a debug build.

    Does the admin overview page also show the build as a debug build? If it does, not really a problem. There is plugin, `markRelease` that will switch off that flag.
  • no the overview doesn't show it, everything else appears fine so far. I was just reporting in case the wrong version was accidentally made available for download, must have been a glitch.

    thanks for the confirmation that all is ok :)
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