email-newuser doesn't seem to be working

I'm very new to Zenphoto and while I've worked with CMS's before, Zenphoto seems to require more knowledge about how PHP works than other ones I've used.

Currently, my test site is a new install (with the 1.4.4 upgrade) and a theme which is a Zenpage duplicate. I haven't changed any of the files, but I made the duplicate, so I could do some cosmetic things, if I needed to. I'm on a virtual private Plesk-based server.

I have register_user and email-newuser enabled. If I try out the front-end user registration, I get the success message, and as the admin, I see that the new user I made is added, with a 'pending verification' status. I never get an email though, as a new user or as the admin, notifying me of the registration.

I used a little test script like the one here: and that looked successful.

Is there something else I'm forgetting to configure? I've found similar topics, but they either didn't have solutions or appeared to have deeper problems.


  • It is quite possible that your site does not support `sendmail`, the default mail handler. This would result in no mails being sent at all. You can use the PHP mailer plugin and configure it to use your mail account if `sendmail` is not available to you.
  • That seems to do the trick. Thank oyu!
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