Upgrading from 0.8

I realy don't understand how to upgrade my zenphoto verion 0.8 to 1.0.1.
Can someone make me understand this, I tryed browsing upgrade.php from zen directory but that file is empty.


  • I finally managed to upgrade my photo gallery from 8.0 to 1.0.1. It was not hard, the problem was that I didn't knew what to do exactly. So I will explain step by step what I did and hope it will be helpfull for others to.

    Step 1. Download zenphoto 1.0.1

    Step 2. Edit .htaccess and change the path, the default is /zp

    Step 3. In zen directory you will find the config.php that you will have to edit. Be very careful cose this is a very important part for the corect working of zenphoto.
    Don't forget to set up an e-mail adress where you will get notifications of the comments on your gallery.

    Step 4. Before uploading and overwiteing all the files on your server you must make shore you backup your existing database tables, cose if there is an error you can loose all your existing data. So backup you database!

    Step 5. Now you can upload and overwrite everything on your server. If you have made some changes in your previous gallery, in the default or testing - themes, everything will be lost. You will need to do the modifications on the new thems uploaded.
    The stylesheet that worked on 0.8 will not work on 1.0.1!

    Step 6. Before you can start the upgradeing, you need to clear the browser's cookies. If not this could get in the way of you browsing corectly the new pages.

    Step 7. Browse www.yourdomain.com/zpdirectory/zen/upgrade.php and click GO, your upgrade will be finished.
    Now browse every page and make shore there are no problems.

    That's it.
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