Slideshow integration

I am trying to integrate a slideshow but I am having problems calling the album url dynamically. The script I am using is activated by adding "&slideshow" onto the end of the album url so I need to be able to get that for each album.

I assume this has something to do with the "getAlbumLinkURL" call but no matter how I edit it, the closest I can get is to have the url with a trailing slash and then the required "&slideshow". Obviously I need to lose the trailing slash in between the url to get it to work.

“�? – is the closest I have managed to get but doesn’t work.
“�? –works great if I type it in manually

I am currently using mod rewrite if that is of relevance.

Any help or advice please?


  • Nobody have any ideas at all?

    It works perfectly if I disable mod_rewrite but then I lose nice urls.
  • This is now solved, just incase anyone else is stuck and this cane help I solved the problem with the following code..
    $name = "http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
    $name = trim($name, '/'); // trims the / from the end
    $extra = '&slideshow';

    I then called the link using a simple..

    [code]" title="View as slideshow">View as slideshow[/code]

    Hope that helps :)
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