Problems with /admin, thumbs and albums

ZP looks like it can be a super app ones you get it to work, but that I have problems with.

My server config: Apache/2.0.54 (Debian GNU/Linux), PHP/4.3.10-16, GD Support enabled, GD Version 2.0 or higher, I don't know about the brain, but I'm new to PHP and AJAX.

What do I do wrong?
- Unzip and upload the files into my "/zp" folder.
- Create a DB.
- Give the two folders 777 rights.
- Open the config file and add my info.
- I run the setup.
--- Login --- here I get redirected to "/zp/admin" witch does not exist!!! Should it???
- So instead I enter the URL "/zp/zen/admin.php"
- Create a new album and upload a file.
--- Thumbs --- I can't see any thumbs and none where created.
- I try to view the album by clicking the link on "/zp/index.php".
--- 404 Error --- because the link points at "/zp/albums/mycreatedalbum" and it does not contain any .php files only the .jpg's I uploaded.

Please help me!!
// Martin


  • trisweb Administrator
    In config.php, set the option

    `conf['mod_rewrite'] = false`

    if you don't have mod_rewrite enabled on your server. If you know you do, then open up the .htaccess file in the root /zp directory and change the RewriteBase to /zp

    `RewriteBase /zp`

    The "folders" you think you see with mod_rewrite enabled don't actually exist; they're pretty URLs to access the scripts easily.
  • As I said, I'm new to PHP....
    Thanks, that did it!!!
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