- Check if there are no images in current album directory, and if so then use "empty.png" thumbnail instead of nothing.
- Use pagination for comments (pages per page, in CONFIG).
- ASC & DESC sorting for comments in View Gallery (by date?). Allow to change this setting in CONFIG.
- Use PCL Zip library for better, IMHO, ZIP file managing. It has both ZIP & UnZIP functions.
- Make it possible to preview a comment before posting.
- CONFIG settings via ADMIN PANEL, tabbed with AJAX, include only those things we need at the moment (with optimal strategy).
- On demand flush images cache function (probably, via ADMIN PANEL).
- Show total images (count) in EDIT GALLERY, maybe even re-sorting by "count".
- Fix bug:
If "#" presents in a filename (of image), it causes MySQL error (anyway, when trying to delete 'this' file),
thumbnail also doesn't display correctly for 'this' file.
So, we need to filter all invalid characters in filenames.
- Show album SORT ALBUM button/icon in EDIT GALLERY. Next or before DELETE button/icon.
- DHTML sorting in EDIT COMMENTS, sorts by checkboxes, date/time, etc.
- Use more smart JPEG compression levels for thumbnails. I usually use a simple multi-level strategy - low compression levels for big filesizes.
- Truncate picture's <H2> titles and IMG alt's, if they are too long.
- Truncate or limit length of album description.
- Image Rating System... i've got one, it's cute enuff, but too raw.
- Show filesizes in EDIT GALLERY.
- ASC & DESC sorting for comments (by any column) in ADMIN PANEL.
- Pagination for ADMIN PANEL > COMMENTS, instead of limiting to "the latest 20 comments".
- Why not to use already existing DELETE button/icon for ADMIN PANEL > COMMENTS instead of text link ? ;)
- Probably, more icons for buttons in ADMIN PANEL.
- Show how many pictures in gallery.
- Show date & time of update for every gallery.
- Limit the length of comments (maxlength for INPUT + crop with PHP). Maybe even show "Chars Left Count" with JS.
- Fix bug:
When deleting comments, alert box appears even if no comments were checked (via checkboxes).


  • trisweb Administrator
    Great list, lots of good ideas.

    I can definitely see where you're looking to improve the cleanliness of the admin section -- standardizing viewing tables of info and the interface in general... I've thought of all that, yes, but in general I tried to make everything as simple as possible at first and pretty much hacked together the admin panel. It's due for a rewrite and improvement. I'll definitely keep this list around; thanks.
  • Thanks ;)

    I am very interested in Zen Photo.
    So, I wish it'd be a hiqh quality project.
    If I can help - I will.

    I am focused on: security audit, beta-testing, usability, less traffic usage, interaction, speed, more useful info, concepts, etc...

    Greetings from Russia, by the way ;)
  • nordelius [at] mail [dot] ru
  • trisweb Administrator
    Thanks, I'll keep in touch. We're in dire need of good security review and testing (not because of any problems, just because someone needs to think about it more than I have ;-) Help in other areas would also be appreciated, so we'll see.
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