Multilingual Issues mith modified zpGalleriffic

At I
* use a modified zpGgalleriffic theme
* use menu_manager for my main menu
* recently switched on a second language (German).

When I am logged in, everything works fine. When I am logged out English is still fine but I experience strange behaviour in German in two places:

a) I get an extra menu item »Neuigkeiten« that is not there in EN
b) At top left instead of my site name I get links »Home« and »Galerie«.

I changed the php a year ago so I would keep the site name instead of links to Home/Gallery – I can't remember exactly what I did though, but again: when logged in, none of this happens when switching languages.

Screenshots are here:

Any ideas? Thanks!


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    a) Even in the EN version there is an menu element news before the gallery one even if it is not show. You have to check the source.

    b) Sorry, if it appears there must be a call for it and that would be language independent.
  • Thanks, I'll dig then. Just thought it was puzzling to get two different behaviours depending on logged in status.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Well, you get different display if logged in. Then you generally get unpublished and/or protected items as well by default and if the rights of the user allow.
  • a) I get an extra menu item »Neuigkeiten« that is not there in EN

  • The problem with the extra item is different html in DE and EN.

    ul id="thesitetitle"
    a href="/news" Neuigkeiten /a

    ul id="thesitetitle"
    li id="newslist"
    a href="/news" News /a

    In EN newslink is enclosed in li#newslist, which in my css has display:none. In German this li is missing, hence the item got displayed.

    As I toyed around heavily with the theme's code I can't say whether I broke something or not, but in any case acrylian set me on the right track, thanks.
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  • Ok, once again, the problem was the user:

    Yesterday I fixed problem b): »At top left instead of my site name I get links »Home« and »Galerie«.«

    Somewhere I think I read that in multi lingual mode zenphoto uses main language content if secondary language content is empty, so in options -> gallery I just left the German field for »Gallery title« blank. Turns out once I fill it, problem b) goes away.

  • hi,
    according to me, the main problem is that zpGalleriffic uses some strings which are not translated.
    so whatever language used, the string stays as it is (in english, natural language of the theme creator).
    if you overwrite the strings with your natural language (german as example), english user will seen the string in this new language.

    I have the same issue with zpArdoise and I managed some specific translations with gettext_th (but I haven't do that for all languages)
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Also it is heavily JS powered so there might be an issue somewhere if a string is unexpected emtpy.

    Did you try an official theme? This is really the first you need to do (besides looking into error logs) if you encounter an issue to make sure it is the theme.
  • Thanks for your replies, I don't know if I understand, though: I just came back to say that and how I fixed it so other people could find it – the issue is gone now and the problem was me.
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