Login problems

Until now, the login page for Zen has been working fine. Now, when I try to login, the page looks like it wants to load and just comes back to the username/password prompt. I have cleared my cookies, and still no luck. Any ideas?



  • I had a similar issue... though I had not finished the setup process.
    Cleared the cookies, made the setup again (finished it) and then it worked.

    Have you tried with another browser then? (like firefox + explorer). If it does not work that way you'll be sure it's a server side issue like some misconfigured file... If it works that way you'll have to clear cookies and cache again and try over and over.

    Let us know then.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Hm... sounds like I should make it delete all cookies on an unsuccessful login...

    Duly noted. Thanks.
  • Hey Flip... It is interesting, as I can access everything just fine from my home PC. The problem lies with my work laptop useing either FF or IE. All cookies have been cleared numerous times.
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