garland theme [modified] can not login

times need your help.
after the update to version 1.4.4 [4d20f7093e](Official Version) I can no longer log on the index page.
On the index page the registering link appears but does not work.
I use a modified theme Garlad.
Here is the summary from the survey:
Zenphoto version 1.4.4 [4d20f7093e] (Official Version)
Current locale setting: de_DE.utf8
WEB-path: / zenphoto
Currently active Gallery Theme: THW
PHP version: 5.2.17
Graphics Support: PHP GD library bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
Support: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
MySQL Version: 5.0.96
Database Name: xxxxxx97721
Tabellenvorsilbe: zenphoto_
switchen the php to 5.4 has no success.
After a login via ... / zenphoto / admin / I had a blue screen during logout.
The page is located at 1und1.
can anyone see the login page?


  • sorry.
    On the index page the LOGIN link appears but does not work.
  • Have you tried an unmodified version of the theme?

    The logon link causes the logon form to pop-up in a colorbox, so possibley there is an issue with colorbox not being enabled for index.php.
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