1.4.4 site suddenly blank/403 errors

relevant URL is http://staging.altny.com/poba
PHP 5.3
MySql 5.1.6 (I think)

I had a mess of permissions errors with my initial Zenphoto install, so I started from scratch today. I turned on a few plugins (for registering and emailing new users, blocking problematic IP addresses and uploading text files), and tested an upload.

Everything seemed to be working fine when suddenly, going to the index page gives me a 403 error: "You are not authorized to access the webpage at http://staging.altny.com/poba/. You may need to sign in." That's on Google Chrome. On Firefox or Safari, I just get a blank html page.

I found a few related forum threads, but in those cases, the admin backend was still working. In my case, I can't even access that. For what it's worth, I was able to re-run the setup files. I would try completely re-installing one more time, but I'd like to troubleshoot, so that this doesn't happen when we go live. Any ideas of where to look?


  • Do you get the 403 error when accessing the back-end as well? Maybe try removing the `.htaccess` file and see if you can get to the site. Or try the direct link to the back end--`http://staging.altny.com/poba/zp-core/admin.php`

    Note that I have tried the URL you post and had no problems accessing the index page nor any of the albums. I can try the back-end and that works as it should--I get a logon form.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    It does work for me as well, index and login form appear as they are meant to.
  • Thank you for the quick replies. The site came back for me as well at the end of the work day (about an hour after I posted this). It's still up today too.

    I did try renaming the htaccess file, but -at the time - it didn't make a difference. The back end was inaccessible as well. I will post any updates if it happens again.
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