upgrade problems

Hi, I upgraded to 1.4.4 but can't get into the site or the admin with the following error coming up for both urls:
"You don't have permission to access /gypsies/zp-core/setup/index.php on this server.
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request."
The site is infocentre.com.au/gypsies
Maybe it's a cache problem? If so how do I clear the cache w'out getting into admin please.


  • ps. I've cleared the browser cache and restarted the pc too.
  • pps. also cleared the dns cache
  • Fixed. My ISP resolved it.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    For our other users it would probably helpful to know what the issue was.
  • Sure. I don't know the details but my web host fixed it as per the following:

    "I've corrected the permission for "setup" folder and fixed the error."

    So it seems it may not have anything to do with zenphoto but new files being ignored or under a security question and had to be released??? You guys may understand it and explain it better for those zennies having similar problems.

    Love the Zen flexibility and support by the way.
  • Many servers apply a security rule that Web applications may not run from a folder with unsecure file/folder permissions. So, for instance, in the Unix world they may prohibit runnign from a folder that grants access to the "public".

    The specific requirments will depend on the server/security configuration. Generally you would like your file/folder permissions to be as secure as possible. But the rub is what is "possible" also depends on the server configuration.

    We have seen servers that require the permissions grand access to the "public" or the Zenphoto application will fail.

    Symptoms of file/folder permissions are the "permissions" error you got, but they may also show up as "500" errors.
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