problem with sorting..?

i have 1.4.4 and GALLERY have sorting by FILETIME (reverse)

here is result (lol)
gallery 1. 13.01.2013
2. 28.01.2013
3. 13.01.2013
4. 20.03.2010

why is first gallery 13.1.13 and then 28.1.13? sorting is configured.. jesus

in albums newest photos are bottom.. sorting not working (filetime, normal or reverse)


  • photos are taken 01/2013
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The file time is not necessarily the time the photo has been taken. If you upload the file it gets usually a new date, the one of the upload (since it is a copy technically). The date taken would be embedded in the file's metadata.

    Also a date like 13.01.2013 is not really sortable since it is no value. To properly sort by date you might need to use either the international date format yyyy-mm-dd or better a unix time stamp since that provides a real increasing number.
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