how do i change the domain's name server records in zenphoto?


I have a domainname,, hosted by Versio. They gave me nameservers. I want to create my site with ZenPhoto, which i have installed with Direct Admin. Now how do i putt these nameservers in ZenPhoto so that ZenPhoto knows how to call my site?

Thank you very much in advance, this is my first attempt to build a site so I know very little..

Kind regards, Mirre


  • Nameservers and DNS records are not set in Zenphoto, but are set by your domain's host. You will need to ask your host how to set this up.
  • When you have created your domain you will have to re-run the Zenphoto setup to have it properly installed. In the mean time, you should be careful if you are using the Zenpage feature since if you insert links into your content they will point to the current domain, not the new one.

    BTW, if by `which i have installed with Direct Admin` you mean you have used an install helper script be aware that we have had issues in the past with some of these not doing proper migrations when new releases are installed.
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