Embed Zenphoto to your site! it is possible!

Hi! I'm a newbie here and as many of you probably like Zenphoto, actually think ok the default or any other theme works for me, BUT, I want it to look like is part of my website... I want it to have my header, probably my footer and the things my website has!!! how on earth do I do that???
... and if you are like me, probably opening the php, the css and all the files you see involving the theme seems very daunting to even start to figure out how to acomplish such task... well you don't have to suffer anymore!!! One thing is for sure... you probably at least have to know the very very very basic knowledge of html or where would you insert an iframe code!!! that't right! iframe code!!!!
insert this code: <iframe height="400" width="90%" frameBorder="0" src="URL OF WEB PAGE">your browser does not support IFRAMEs</iframe>
REMEBER to replace the url of webpage with your url for example yoursite.com/zenphoto


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    This is not really news actually. An iFrame or even a deprecated frames set would work but is nowhere near good web practice. You can find about those disadvantages easily on the web.

    But whatever works for you.
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