Request: integrate cookie with WP

In case people miss the comment/response on noscope, I would like to have the cookie integrated with WordPress, to the degree of something such as `if WPuserid ! '' then ZPloggedinstatus = true`

How difficult do you think this would be Tristan? I took a look at the WP>PHPbb method, and it basically creates new users in each database to reflect any inconsistencies. I think this would be unnecessary for what I'm looking at, since it would probably also required some core modifications to work with multiple users, of which have little importance to me as long as if a user is logged into wordpress, then they are logged in under the admin account in ZP.


  • This actually would kind of work for what I was thinking about, Tristan (re:multiple users). The only thing is that I am using Textpattern, but it's basically the same idea. If you are logged into the TXP admin interface, then you are logged into the ZP admin interface (so you can upload and fun stuff like that!).

  • trisweb Administrator
    well, zenphoto uses an unlimited length cookie for the admin stuff, so as long as you're using the same computer you shouldn't see the admin screen all that often. WP does this as well.

    For comments, I can easily use the cookied wordpress name/email/website. Not hard at all.
  • Alright - well the main reason I was going for simplicity here is for an offshoot of WP that I'm putting together for people to manage event-based websites (bands, clubs etc...) so most people will not be entirely computer-literate.

    I could always write a simple plugin to add an admin-photos page that would have a login form with the zpusername and password already filled in...

  • trisweb Administrator
    Ah, I see. Well the best thing for you to do is probably to write a script to make that zenphoto cookie. If you know the username and password, then look at how zp_auth.php hashes it and stores it, and then you can make the cookie manually, or even by including zp_auth somewhere with the right creds.

    Since you know PHP I can assume you can figure that out. Take a look at zp_auth.php.
  • Actually I'm fairly new to php - as in can work with it but struggle with actually writing anything meaningful. I'll see what I can come up with though.
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