SQL Error in zenpage

I tried to make a news post...It didnt display on index page...I then enabled the text box "News on index page" hoping it wouldnt work...still nothing but thats not the error...
I went into zenpage's admin section and click on the blue circle "view page"
It goes to this link:

It seems it didnt quite create the database entry correct... When i view the "page" list in zenpage admin section, its blank except for my admin name and the date... And yes its published...


  • Infact I cant even edit my current "article"
    Whats the difference between a Page and Article?
  • I added a category "News" and when I go to add a article.. The list with check boxes to select the "Category", The check box is there, but its blank, when it should say "News" (the available category for this article
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The difference between a page and a article is quite obvious I would think (pages shown on pages.php, articles on news.php) As with Wordpress and any other CMS bascially...

    Please check via phpmyadmi if the tables have been created. If not run `zp-core/plugins/zenpage/setup.php` manually.
  • Ive actually never used wordpress or any "CMS" lol
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
  • I still cant modify a page i already created... Also the tables are created still not working... Ill get some SS's uploaded soon
  • The image is cut off on the right but thats not the point... To me it looks like something is missing.. Such as "Edit this article" column, there is nothing under it??
  • Ya, Im still getting an error at http://luckyshotphotos.com/index.php?p=news&title= when I try to click the blue ircle to view the article
    I found out what it was... For some reason when creating a new article, the "title" isnt written to the database... I just tried again and checked phpmyadmin, "title" field is empty. I manually edited the database and it seems to be fixed... (Displayed properly)
  • Also, I have a question... Come to http://luckyshotphotos.com/ please, and on the right side on the links, it shows:

    News articles

    * All news (1)
    * (1)

    What does the line under "All News (1)" mean? The second "(1)"? Its not a link and is just text. Also, what do I have to do to get a link to the galleries? How do I get a link on the right side to view my galleries? How is it normally done?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Good, that you solved it somehow. I don't have a clue why the title didn't get stored in the database. I did not encounter that in any of my test (and I and sbillard did quite a few). Did you get any errors in your error log?

    As to the other issue: You did not create any news category, somehow zenpage uses an empty one and displays that. If I recall correctly I don't check if there is a category or not assuming people will always create one..:-) I will see to that.
  • There is a bug in the 1.2.1 release that shows up sometimes if you have your language set to HTTP Accept Language. If you are still having this problem set the language directly to whatever your native language is. (Or run the nightly build from last night.)
  • nightly build fixed it. Thanks :)
  • How does a person get to the gallery without having to go to the archive?
  • The theme has to be setup so that there is a separate gallery page. See the readme for Effervescence+ and try that theme. It has an intro page that contains the news. Then you can click on the Gallery and get the normal (pre-zenpage) zenphoto gallery.
  • Where is the theme readme?
  • I think I know what your talking about, using your theme, I saw that i changed the index page to gallery I think and to be honest I dont like that theme for my news. Isnt it possible to use the zenpage theme for the news and the gallery? Thats what I want.
  • You can set the combi-news option.
  • Not what I wanted. I beginnging to think that zenpage/zenphoto doesnt allow what I thought would be standard...
  • I dont want the news and images on the same page... I figured it would be news on one page and then you click a link to get to the gallery, When I do combi-news it looks kind of random images to me, how are they even sorted or displayed? I dont really get that either...
  • Okay I found what im looking for...

    It has this on the right side:


    * album1 (10)

    Why dont I have a "Gallery" thing on the right?
  • I believe that all your problems are theme-related. If you want it done right, you have to make it yourself (like I did). Everything you see from others has probably been customized. The zenpage-default theme is just a building point. The sidebar link was added later in the one you posted above, for example.

    What you probably want to do is make a copy of index.php, rename the copy to gallery.php, and put the display albums php there.

    The combi-news section is probably more for if you upload one picture at a time, so it displays the last few pictures uploaded.
  • So the zenphoto demo page was modified from the original? That sounds dumb to me to use if its a demo, showing what your not really getting by default?
  • Well, you would have to create that item in the sidebar. Again, you can build the theme to look however you want. You can't have a gallery link unless you have setup a gallery page. That can easily be done, but it is not done in the theme you have chosen.

    You have two examples--the zenphoto-default theme and the Efferevescence+ theme. You can also look at http://photos.albeezie.com/ for a third approach.
  • Your confusing me even more. Aren't I using the same theme as the zenpage demo?
    What do you mean by "You can't have a gallery link unless you have setup a gallery page."

    If I manually type the link it works fine:

    The only thing that is missing is the link itself... Why do I need to create a new "gallery page"?
  • Okay, so I think all I have to do is modify sidebar.php ...
  • What is this code? It looks like its already there...

    <?php if(function_exists("printAlbumMenu")) { ?>
    <div class="menu">
    <h3><?php echo gettext("Gallery"); ?></h3>
    <?php printAlbumMenu("list","count","","menu-active","submenu","menu-active",""); ?>
    <?php } ?>
  • Shouldnt it work then? Why doesnt the function exist? Do I need to find it and include it?
  • Activate it as a plugin. Then, the magic will happen.
  • That did it! Thanks, I didnt know that was a plugin option. Thanks. I thought it was an option somewhere, but never figured it was a plugin. This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks :)
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