The Zenphoto object you are requesting cannot be found

that is a message i get when trying to view a page i created. i did publish it, so i don't know what to do now.


  • ok i didn't know i had to switch themes :S next question lol why do i have to switch themes? my site uses a theme i basically have to my liking now is there a way to mesh to the two or something? cause not sure i'm a fan of this
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    why do i have to switch themes?
    That is quite obvious, isn't it? Zenpage is a optional plugin and is not included in the Zenphoto package. That means of course no theme except the zenpage default theme (and efferescence+) features support for it. The extra functions do not add themselves...
    If you want to use Zenpage's features you need either to setup your theme to support it or use the standard theme. That's why there is a theming tutorial on the Zenpage project site...
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