Ajax file manager upload limit ridiculously small

Trying out zenpage - seems great, but one thing is bothering me so far:

The Ajax file manager is telling me I can't upload an image > 50KB in size. That seems like a very small limitation. I can upload files up to 20MB to my server via PHP. Is there any way to change this?

Obviously I can upload larger files via FTP, but the people I am making the site for don't necessarily know how to do that - nor should they need to.



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Yes, indeed that is set ridiculous low...it's the default setting by it's creators. Of course you can set the upload maxsize yourself:
    open `tiny_mce/plugins/ajaxfilemanger/inc/config.base.php`

    There in line 70 you will find:
    `define('CONFIG_UPLOAD_MAXSIZE', 50 * 1024 ); //by bytes`

    I will set the upload value higher in the svn, too.
  • Great! that worked. Thanks!
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