class-AnyFile doesn't allow downloading the file

I've recently installed Zenphoto to a subdomain of a site I'm working on. I enabled the class-AnyFile plugin (and class-textobject and class-WEBdocs) so that users on my Zenphoto site can download documents. I am able to get to the download if I manually type in the zenphoto/albums/subalbums/DOCUMENT URL, but when viewing in the gallery, if I click on the thumbnail to go to the original file, the way I might when clicking on an image to see the full sized version, it doesn't do anything. The gallery thumbnail doesn't seem to be linked to the document.

I'm running Zenphoto version, and the version of the plugins which ship with that version of Zenphoto.


  • The link you are describing is the "full image" link. That is only available when the item is actually an image. Normally the document is displayed as the body with that object.

    You can edit the theme to change this behavior.Find the lines in `image.php` that read something like:
    if (isImagePhoto()) {
    $fullimage = getFullImageURL();
    } else {
    $fullimage = NULL;
    and remove the `if` statement leaving just the `$fullimage = getFullImageURL();` statement.

    Note however that this will work only if you have `full image protection` set to `unprotected`. Otherwise the full image link points to the full image processing script which expects to be handed an image to process.
  • Ah! That did the trick. Hopefully I'll remember this when I change the theme, if the problem comes up again.

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