Main image file does not exist error

Clicking on a thumbnail nets me this:

Album dave!=Winter.jpg does not exist.

I don't see the main image!

Is the error - there is a file there though!!!!

everything else appears fine - just can't see the main image - even though it exists.

Yes, I've CHMOD 777 on albums and cache, 775 on everything else.

turning mod_rewerite on or off doesn't seem to affect


  • trisweb Administrator
    It's something to do with the album name... which seems to be "dave!=Winter.jpg" ... which is just weird. Is the directory named funny?
  • Hey, I had this problem too.. after a while I figured it.

    I think it was dreamweaver for me, although it didn't change the file it certainly did something wrong..

    I used ultraedit and changed the last line from

    index.php?album=$1!=$2 [QSA,L]


    index.php?album=$1&image=$2 [QSA,L]

    Hope that helps
  • I am having the same problem too:


    Album hkg05-people!=01_6161796.jpg does not exist.`

    Could someone please clarify what line to change in what document that qster refered to?

    Any ideas what is causing it?
  • Found it. It's the last line of the .htaccess file and it worked. Thanks for the tip.

    Any ideas what causes the last line to be written incorrectly to begin with? I didn't have this problem the first time I installed ZP...
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