SEO friendly URLs and language

I'm new to ZenPhoto though proficient in web/programming. I was trying to set up multi-language website and came to that SEO problem: generated friendly URLs does not take into account language specific name of for eg album. It looks like they are generated using default language. For eg if we have album named "album_EN" and translation "album_XX" in XX language, generated URLs for XX will be still / regardless of selected language. That is plain wrong from SEO standpoint. I tried all the options, suggestions like refresh DB and others with no success in rewriting/creating proper URLs.
Am I wrong, missing something or it is the way it works and was by/missed in design?


  • I guess you did not try very hard. Searching our site for "multilingual" comes up with the first entry being "Multi-lingual sites". In that article you will find two entries specific to your question: "Using subdomains" and "Using the seo_locale plugin".

    Of course these do not make replicated folder names like you suggest. That is both not practical and not a good strategy anyway. Zenphoto is file system based, so album and image "names" come directly from the file system. Most file systems are reluctant to use multiple names for the same entity. And when they do, for all practical purposes but the physical content these are treated as separate distinct entities.
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