how to upload photos to ftp site

On the Zen photo upload page it says, Don't forget, you can also use FTP to upload folders of images into the albums directory!

What is the ftp host name, path, user name and password order to do that?


  • You would, of course, need to ask your service provider for host name, user name and password. How would we know? You have not even given us your site URL. Anyway, Zenphoto is not involved at all with the actual FTP process. It will just discover the files/folders once you have got them there. You place them into the `albums` folder of your installation.

    BTW, how did you get Zenphoto onto your site without knowing these data anyway?
  • Hi,

    So sorry, I didn't know to go through service provider; I thought there might be an upload through Zen. The site url is I just uploaded four images (P1010607, P1010609, P1010610, P1010612 thru P1010613) singly through the Zen Photo by first creating in the upload tab the subfolder "coh_june07" in the Berkshires_2007 folder and uploading each image into it. However, I don't know where the photos went and the "coh_june07" has a question mark with no images in it? What did I do wrong?
    Thank you.
  • Are you sure that the images were uploaded correctly? The question mark image is the default if there is no thumbnail to display, meaning that the album is likely empty. You should be able to see all albums/images under the `Albums` tab in the admin back-end, which should help you locate these images if they were uploaded correctly.
  • I uploaded to web service provided via ftp see the image files in the folder on the web service provider site (in subfolder "coh-june07" in the Berkshires_2007 folder) but it doesn't appear in the photo gallery in the zen photo site or online. The only difference I noticed was thatPlease let me know how to make the photos appear.

    Thank you.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You have to upload your images to folders within the `albums` folder in the root of your Zenphoto installation. If you place them elsewhere Zenphoto of course does not know about them.
  • This is the path I had put them into: public_html/new_website/Kgallery/albums/Berkshires_2007/coh-june07. It was within the albums folder, but I was putting it directly into the sub folder of albums it belongs in.
    But based on your reply, I uploaded them again to just into the albums folder like you said: public_html/new_website/Kgallery/albums. They are now in there loose on the server. How do I get them into the coh-june07 sub album? I cannot find them in the Zenphoto admin edit tab to move them.

  • Hi,

    Is anyone able to help on this?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Okay here the basics of Zenphoto albums: You can't put images in the root albums folder direclty: They must be within folders within the root albums folder. That are the toplevel albums for Zenphoto.
    You can then have either images in those toplevel albums or other subfolders/albums or both mixed (albums are displayed first on the website). There is no limit of subalbum levels.
  • In following what you said about putting the photos within folders of the root album folder, on the web service provider site, this is the path I had put them into: public_html/new_website/Kgallery/albums/Berkshires_2007/coh-june07. See they are in the subalbum of the albums folder.

    They are in there; i can see them in the file manager.
    When i go into ZenPhoto, they do not show up anywhere. How can I find them and put them where they are supposed to go?

  • Something must be confusing you terribly.

    I have just visited your site--

    There seem an awfully lot of pictures there showing up. Just what is not showing up anyware????
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I was about to ask the same. I see lots of images.
  • Thank you for your patience. I figured it out and it was a silly mistake on my part. When I batch processed the photos, I didn't put the file extension on this time for some reason, so it wasn't showing up. Sorry! I am glad it was a simple fix.

    Thanks again for trying to help!!!!
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  • peterhend Member
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    Hi, it's possible that your photos were uploaded incorrectly. I often encounter this problem because I work with photos. My boss has her own online store, and I take photos for her store. But the most amazing thing is that I don't even have a camera and I take pictures on an iPhone. I upload all the photos I took via link removed by administrator due to spam suspicion, so that all duplicates, blurred photos are deleted. And I also change the photo to the desired resolution. Usually, when transferring from an iPhone to a computer, there are no problems with permissions anymore. So try changing your photo format or resolution. It should help

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